Nothing OS 2.0 Arrives for the Phone (1) Soon


A while back, we got word that Nothing was preparing a pretty big software update for the Nothing Phone 1, by way of Nothing OS 2.0. Nothing OS 2.0 first arrived for the company’s newest flagship – the Phone 2 – although Nothing assured Phone 1 owners that they’ll receive the update as well.

As such, a new post from Nothing’s official social media page confirms that the new update will arrive for Phone 1 owners next week. Not a lot is known about the update’s specific details, although it will be based on Android 13 with some significant performance and feature upgrades. We might see some differences with the version for the Phone 2, though it should largely remain very similar.

Previously, Nothing also released the Nothing OS 2.0.2 software update for the Phone 2. Nothing OS 2.0.2 packs several fixes and new features, including enhancements to the device’s camera quality and performance, battery and thermal management, a more recent security patch, and fixes to bugs including the Google Wallet app, Bluetooth connectivity, and the “Double Tap to Wake” feature, to name a few.

With that said, Nothing OS 2 was earlier made available to Phone 1 owners by way of a beta version, although this of course came with some stability issues.

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