Samsung really wants iPhone users to buy its foldable phones


Many Android manufacturers are probably hoping to tempt more iPhone users over to their side, and it looks like Samsung has come up with a rather unique and novel way of doing so through its brand new “Try Galaxy” website.

This website basically tries to simulate the experience of using a foldable phone, like Samsung’s brand new Galaxy Z Fold 5. It works by combining two iPhones and putting them side-by-side to mimic the design of the Fold 5, and from there there are various demos that show iPhone users what their foldable experience could be like.

We’re not sure if this is enough to convince iPhone users to jump ship to Android, let alone spend close to $2,000 on a foldable phone, but if you happen to own a couple of iPhones, it could be a fun experiment to try.

We have heard rumors that Apple is exploring foldable display technology, and that it could make its way into several Apple products including the iPhone and iPad. We wouldn’t put it past Apple to at least entertain and explore the idea, but whether or not such a device will come to fruition is really anyone’s guess.

This is because foldable phones still don’t sell quite as many units compared to regular phones. This is partly due to its functionality, where not everyone sees the need to own a phone-tablet hybrid, plus not to mention its price point does make for quite a hard sell. Either way, if you’re curious you can check out the demo on Samsung’s website by scanning the QR code with your phone.

Source: MacRumors

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