You can Now Use RCS on your iPhone Thanks to this App


While the overall issue surrounding Apple’s continued refusal to adopt RCS compatibility with its software and hardware products rages on, iOS users who are interested in trying out Google’s messaging service finally have the option of doing so, thanks to a third-party application.

More specifically, iPhone users can get RCS on their device by way of Beeper, an app that essentially organizes and provides access to all your chat apps under one roof. As per the app’s official post:

We’re pleased to announce that Beeper now supports Google Messages – for all your SMS and RCS needs. It’s still in beta – there are a few known issues but it is ready for daily use. You can enable it by downloading the latest version of Beeper Desktop 3.70.17 → Gear icon → Chat Networks → Google Messages. RCS works great, you can send/receive emoji reactions and it even sends and shows tapbacks from iPhone users.

With that being said, Beeper also highlighted some known issues that users may face when using the RCS feature:

  • Display pictures (avatars) do not show up yet
  • Past history is not fully synced yet
  • Read receipts in groups is not supported yet
  • Typing indicators are not supported yet

While Beeper’s approach to RCS compatibility on iOS is still first and foremost a third-party solution, it stands to reason that RCS is very much possible on Apple’s smartphone platform. Whether or not the Cupertino-based company decides to officially integrate it into its products still remains a big question, however.

Source: Beeper

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