YouTube Rolls out New “Samples” Feature


YouTube has gone through massive changes over the years, evolving from a simple video-sharing website to a richer content platform, dealing in both videos and more recently, music streaming. With that in mind, the platform recently announced that it will be adding its new “Samples” feature, which will be accessible via the YouTube Music app.

As per YouTube’s official blog post:

…Starting today, we’re introducing the Samples tab, a seamless feed of short form video segments to get you to your new favorite music. Powered by the world’s largest catalog of music videos, this personalized feed will explore the depths and breadth of the YouTube Music library so that there’s always something new to listen to… Each immersive clip offers a glimpse into the artist, the video, and the feel of the song. Users can simply swipe vertically to experience a new song, making music discovery fun and effortless.

Based on its format, it looks like the new feature will function in a similar way of sorts to YouTube Shorts, given the growing popularity of vertically-oriented short-form video content nowadays. Users will be able to use samples to add songs to their playlist, and even use it to watch the full video, view the full album page, and use it for their Shorts content – artists can use the Samples tab to build audiences and communities on YouTube as well.

In terms of availability, the Samples tab will roll out today for YouTube Music users worldwide.

Source: YouTube

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