Xiaomi’s next foldable will be launching this August


Xiaomi has been in the foldables game for a few years now, and for those anticipating the company’s next foldable handset, you might be interested to learn that the Mix Fold 3 is currently set for a launch this coming August.

This is according to a post on Weibo by Xiaomi’s President, Lu Weibing, who confirmed the launch timeframe. According to Lu, the Mix Fold 3 will also be made at Xiaomi’s new Smart Factory, and that the handset will also be the first that will be mass produced at the new facilities.

Why is this important? Apparently Xiaomi’s new Smart Factory has received quite a lot of upgrades in its manufacturing system, and will now be able to produce the handset where it will not only be thinner, but will also be more durable. Not much is known about the handset for now, but it will come with Leica-branded cameras as part of Xiaomi’s ongoing partnership with Leica.

That being said, there might be some bad news for those hoping to get their hands on the phone. Apparently there’s a rumor making its rounds that suggests that the Mix Fold 3 will be exclusive to China, similar to the Mix Fold 2. We suppose some were hoping that this could change with the Mix Fold 3, but until Xiaomi says otherwise, don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Source: GSMArena

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