Pixel Phones Sell Well in Japan, Apparently


While Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the majority of the smartphone landscape in North America, it looks like Google’s Pixel handsets have found a new throne to reign in, at least in terms of marketshare. New data indicates that Japan has a keen fondness for Pixel phones, especially this year.

Statistical data from Counterpoint Research shows that Google has had a successful Q1 for this year, overtaking several other brands in Japan’s overall smartphone market. This rise in market adoption is made possible by several factors, and has resulted in Google’s highest-ever market share in Japan, amounting to 9%, surpassing homegrown brands like Sharp and Sony. This also places Google just behind Apple, which has likewise maintained a strong market presence in the region.

Google’s global shipments also increased by 67% YoY, thanks to growing sales of devices including the Pixel 6a, Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. Additionally, the recently-launched Pixel 7a also experienced a 74% increase in sales, and has been made through all major Japanese carriers including  SoftBank, AU and DOCOMO.

Furthermore, Google’s rise in marketshare also follows the withdrawal of several other local manufacturers from the Japanese smartphone market, which include Kyocera, FCNT and Balmuda. This has left Sony as the top local brand to compete with Google and Apple.

Source: Counterpoint Research

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