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There are several benefits when it comes to cycling. The first and most obvious is that it is a great form of exercise where if you’re trying to burn off some fat, a cardiovascular activity such as cycling can help you towards that.

Secondly, cycling is also great for the environment because it doesn’t require gas. If you’re concerned about the carbon footprint you’re leaving in this world, cycling is a good mode of transportation that is also pretty sustainable.
Lastly, cycling is affordable. If you stay close to your workplace or school, instead of driving yourself there, you can hop on a bicycle and pedal yourself to work or school, saving you money from having to buy a car.

That being said, if there is one downside to cycling is that it can get tiring, especially at long distances, and it is also obviously a lot slower compared to a car or a motorbike, which is where electric bikes come in handy. These are a great in-between for those who love cycling but miss the speed and power that comes from a motorbike.

If you’re in the market for an electric bike, then you’re in luck because for Prime Day, the good folks at Oraimo are running a promotion for its 26″ Electric Mountain Bike Monster 100 and its Folding Electric Bike Scrambler 100, saving you a couple of hundred bucks in the process. Take note that these deals will only be valid until the 16th of July, 11:59PM PT.

Oraimo 26″ Electric Mountain Bike Monster 100

We know that some electric bike models can get pretty pricey, so if you’re new to electric bikes and don’t want to spend too much money and just want to give it a try, the Monster 100 is a good place to start.

It has been designed to be a relatively affordable electric bike, but don’t worry, despite its affordable price tag, Oraimo has not skimped on its features. The Monster 100 comes with a 350W Bafang motor with 500W peak output and users can expect to hit top speeds of up to 20mph.

It also comes with a 468Wh battery that can go up to 30 miles in full electric mode, or up to 60 miles in pure pedal assist mode. Its battery can be removed, so if you want to remove it for safety reasons, make the bike lighter, or just to charge it separately from the bike, you have that option.

The Monster 100 has also been designed for all kinds of roads, thanks to its front suspension fork design where you can use it on trails, gravel, in the city, back roads, and more.

It also uses Shimano 21 Speed Gears so if you’re someone who uses their bikes primarily in the wild where the roads can be hilly or uneven, the Monster 100 will be able to handle it.  Speaking of comfort, the Monster 100 also comes with saddle adjustment features where the saddle slack can be adjusted by pressing on the inflation or deflation buttons.

The Monster 100 is typically priced at $699.99, but for Prime Day, Oraimo has discounted it down to $499.69 with the use of the C9YVWA8J coupon code upon checkout.

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Oraimo Folding Electric Bike Scrambler 100

If you like bringing your bike out with you on the weekends to the beach or the park, you know that attaching a regular-sized bike to the back of your car can be a hassle. Plus keeping it exposed like that has the potential to allow it to be stolen, and storing it at home can also be a pain if you’re short on space.

This is why the Scrambler 100 is the perfect travel electric bike thanks to its foldable design. The foldable and adjustable design also means that if you’re so inclined, you could even carry it, so you can cycle yourself to school or work, fold it up and bring it in with you for safekeeping.

Now, don’t let its size fool you. While it is a foldable bike, it is not short on speed or power. It features a 750W motor with a 1,000W peak output, and it can also reach acceleration speeds of up to 20mph. It also packs a very decently-sized 556Wh battery, which will allow you to travel 25-35 miles on a single charge in full electric mode, or 35-45 miles in pure pedal assist mode.

Speaking of batteries, its battery has been UL certified so you can rest assured that it is safe. The battery is also removable so you can charge it indoors or just to make the bike lighter. The Scrambler 100 also features 9.3-inch fat tires that are puncture resistant, and a backlight LCD screen that shows you key metrics.

If you’re keen on the Scrambler 100, it is normally priced at $899.99, but for Prime Day it will drop down to $669.99 if you use the 5JUYFV5H code upon checkout.

Oraimo 750W-1000W Electric Bike for Adults, 557Wh UL-Listed Hidden Battery...
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