Users Report Fitbit Charge 5 Problems after Newest Update


(We have updated this news story to include an official statement from Fitbit)

If you own a Fitbit Charge 5 and are having some performance issues with your device, then you’re not alone – several reports from users regarding issues with their Fitbit Charge 5 have been floating around the web, following the release of new updates for the device.

Some of the reported issues include unresponsive Charge 5 devices, such as the screen going dark unintentionally, failure to pair with smartphones, as well as faster battery drain. Fitbit has addressed a workaround for devices that have been experiencing problems, urging users to reset their devices with three clicks. The method doesn’t seem to work universally, however.

Another suggested fix is to connect the Charge 5 to a charging cable, pressing the button on the flat end of the charging cable three times in 8 seconds, and holding each press for about one second. The Fitbit logo should appear on the screen after a few moments. For users with devices still under warranty, there have been reports that Fitbit is offering a 35% discount code towards the purchase of a new device.

Fitbit has come forward and acknowledged the issue, assuring users that an ongoing investigation into the issue is under way:

“We’re aware that a small number of Charge 5 users are experiencing problems with their devices. We’re currently investigating and will update users when we’ve identified the issue. In the meantime, users should contact Fitbit Customer Service at to help troubleshoot the issue.

This isn’t the first time that Fitbit has had trouble with its wearables – a while back, the company was taken to court over user injuries sustained from overheating Versa smartwatches.

Source: Android Central

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