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Nanoleaf’s 4D kit and Black Hexagons now available for pre-order


At the start of the year, Nanoleaf unveiled a handful of new products at CES 2023, including its 4D kit. For those who are interested in the device, the company has recently announced that its 4D kit and its Ultra Black Hexagon light panels are now available for pre-order.

Just in case you missed Nanoleaf’s CES 2023 announcement, the 4D kit consists of a screen mirroring and lightstrip system. Basically what it does is that one device will measure the lighting coming from your screen, whether it be from your TV or monitor, and from there, the lightstrips will change its lighting to match what’s going on to help create a more immersive experience.

There are various options that users can choose from, such as opting for a direct mirroring of your screen’s colors, or choosing something that’s a bit more subtle. The 4D Screen Mirror Kit is priced starting at $79.99 for the camera only, $99.99 for the version that fits displays up to 65-inches, or $119.99 for 85-inch displays and above and are available from the company’s website.

As for the Ultra Black Hexagons, these are essentially the same as the company’s existing Shapes Hexagon light panels, but instead of being translucent when turned off, they come with a black finish that might be more suitable for certain aesthetics. They are priced at $219.99 for the Smarter Kit which will come with 9 panels, or if you already have a Nanoleaf setup, you can grab a set of 3 panels for $69.99.

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