You’ll Soon be Able to Repair your Google Pixel Fold


The right to repair smartphones has been a rather lengthy topic of discussion these past few years, with many consumers pushing for an option to take matters into their own hands, at least as far as broken handsets are concerned. In line with this, companies like Google have partnered with iFixit to allow Pixel users to repair their own phones, and purchase replacement parts as well.

It would seem that this program will extend to the company’s latest device, the Google Pixel Fold – a statement made by the company to the team over at 9to5Google confirms that buyers will also be able to buy parts for and repair their Pixel Fold.

We offer mail-in and walk-in repair services for Pixel Fold outside warranty period (out of warranty repair). We are also planning parts, repair guides and tools available via iFixit. For Pixel Fold specifically, we are offering Extended Warranty (Preferred Care), which will give customer coverage against accidental damages and mechanical breakdowns after the warranty period ends. The customer can buy either a month plan or a one time payment. With this service, the customer can get their Fold repaired – or if needed, replaced – with a deductible.

Announced last year, Google’s team-up with iFixit is aimed at allowing Pixel owners and repair professionals “access the genuine Google parts they need to repair Pixel phones.” Spare parts will be available for Google Pixel phones from the Pixel 2 up to current models, as well as other future Pixel handsets, and will include components like batteries, screens, camera parts, and more.

Source: 9to5Google

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