Demand for the Pixel Fold is higher than we thought


Google launched its Pixel Fold foldable smartphone at I/O 2023. It is not a cheap handset by any means where it is priced at $1,800. But it turns out that Google might have a hit on their hands.

This is because according to Google’s online store, the Pixel Fold appears to be sold out. The “Add to cart” button has been grayed out which means that users who might have been late to order the handset will not be able to do so, at least for now until Google gets more units back in stock.

It is an interesting observation because like we said, the phone does not come cheap, and it being sold out suggests that many people are willing to pay for it. We’re not sure how many units Google might have sold compared to Samsung’s own foldables, which are priced in the similar range, but Google might have a slight advantage due to its better camera software and also a more optimized Android experience.

Alternatively, it is possible that Google did not order that many units of the Pixel Fold to begin with. It is a huge investment for Google and the company probably doesn’t want to sit on too many unsold units if the phone turns out to be a dud, so they might have been a bit conservative with their initial run.

Either way we won’t know for sure unless Google shares their numbers, which we doubt that they will do, but from a more optimistic standpoint, it’s a good thing that the handset is sold out.

Source: SamMobile

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