Google Partners With iFixit to Let You Buy Genuine Pixel Parts


A recent post from Google has announced that the company is partnering with iFixit to allow users to buy replacement parts from the popular repair website, should they wish to repair their own Pixel devices. While no specific date was given by Google, the service was promised to come later this year.

According to Google, the partnership is aimed at allowing Pixel owners and repair professionals “access the genuine Google parts they need to repair Pixel phones.” Spare parts will be available for Google Pixel phones from the Pixel 2 up to the 6 Pro and other future Pixel handsets, and will include components like batteries, screens, camera parts, and more.

The post adds that the program will be available to users in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and other EU regions where Pixel phones are officially sold. Currently, Google’s official third-party repair partner is uBreakiFix, which caters to users in North America. According to iFixit, the company has been working with Google’s team to improve the repairability of Pixel phones, and looks forward to continuing the partnership.

IFixit adds that it is currently working on writing repair guides for the Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, and Pixel 6 Pro, which form Google’s current smartphone line-up. According to iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens, consumers should be given options to be able to fix products by themselves, adding that Google is making repairs more accessible to areas without repair shops.

iFixit is a popular repair website and service that offers users demos and instructions on how to open and repair a multitude of electronic devices, which include the Pixel smartphones. The brand also sells tools and other gear, which allow users to repair their own devices at their will. 

The “Right to Repair” has been a widely-discussed topic in recent times, particularly in the US where device warranties and companies are very particular about the legalities revolving around an individual’s access to perform their own repairs on their respective devices.

Source: Google

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