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While the premium tablet market is dominated by brands such as Samsung and Apple, there are still a lot of bang-for-your-buck tablets for folks after the essentials like communication apps, web browsing, social media and video calling software. The Nokia T10 is one good example, offering users the basics for a more budget-friendly price.

In terms of hardware, the T10 comes with an 8-inch display which keeps it compact and ideal for carrying around. It ships with Android 12, although it does come with up to two major Android updates for Android 13 and 14. There’s also a 2MP camera on the front, as well as an 8MP camera on the rear for photos and videos. Nokia says that the battery can last for up to 24 hours on average, depending on usage of course.

You can check out the tablet using the link below, which brings down its price to just a little above $150.

Nokia T10 Tablet
The Nokia T10 tablet comes with all the Android essentials, and is ideal for folks looking for a relatively-affordable compact tablet.

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