Android 11 Continues to Dominate Distribution Statistics


Android 14 is set to make its debut in a few months, and its upcoming arrival has undoubtedly created a lot of hype and fanfare about new and upcoming features. With that in mind though, you might be surprised to know that an older version of Android still reigns supreme (hint: it’s not Android 13). 

Tech writer Mishaal Rahman recently shared some statistics regarding Android distribution data among users worldwide, showing that Android 14 still has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to availability on devices, as well as user adoption. According to Google’s updated Android version distribution data, Android 11 still remains the most widely-used version of the platform with a 24.4% share overall, while the current Android 13 version only amounts to a rather low 5.2%.

He adds that the percentage of “GMS Android” devices running Android 13 has nearly tripled since January 2023, and while Android 13 was initially reported to be on 12.1% of devices (according to data from mid-April), this alleged data never appeared directly in Android Studio.

The trend of older Android versions being present on a majority of user devices isn’t a new one – the issue has long been prevalent, although Google has taken steps towards more providing more timely updates across different devices from a plethora of OEMS. Whether or not these steps will prove effective in the long run still remains to be seen, however.

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