Rainbow Six Mobile is now in its Second Beta Phase


If you’ve been patiently waiting for Rainbow Six mobile to drop on mobile devices, then it looks like there’s a bit more waiting to do before we get to see the popular FPS make its way towards a public release. It’s reported that the game has entered its second closed beta test for Android devices, according to the folks over at Droid Gamers.

One caveat however is that access to the second closed beta test will is exclusive to users who managed to get listed for the first closed beta last year. If you’re itching to try out the second phase of beta testing (and are eligible),  you can participate by downloading the game from Google Play. Meanwhile, those unable to take part in the beta tests will have to make do with a more basic pre-registration process.

With that in mind, there’s still no official launch date for the game, which was met with much hype upon its initial announcement. With the second beta underway though, we imagine that it shouldn’t be too long before we here any updates from Ubisoft regarding the release date for Rainbow Six Mobile.

Source: Droid Gamers

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