Google Doubles Down on AI-Powered Photo Editing, Teases “Magic Editor”


At this point in time, it’s pretty clear that AI is destined to play a big part in the future of smart devices, transcending hardware limitations to give users better functionality via software. As such, Google’s foray into integrating its AI prowess with its Photos App has yielded some rather impressive results, and today’s announcement during Google I/O only serves to fuel the excitement even further.

During his Keynote presentation at Google I/O, company CEO Sundar Pichai teased a powerful new feature headed to the Google Photos app soon. Dubbed “Magic Editor,” the new and upcoming editing tool takes what we saw with Magic Eraser and dials it up to 11, allowing for more freedom in terms of how users can edit their photos on-the-go.

The quick demo (seen in the video above) showed a couple of photos being edited to add some impressive visual elements, from removing a bag strap on a subject, to filling up portions of a subject which were cut out from a photograph.

One thing to keep in mind though is that Magic Editor isn’t out for the public yet, although Google aims to launch the feature within this year. With that in mind, we might even see it once Android 14 finally launches, or once this year’s Pixel 8 flagship phones are announced.

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