AT&T Announces New Deals for Google Pixel Devices


Following the launch of the Pixel 7a, AT&T has announced that it will be giving customers new offers for Pixel devices starting on May 12. More specifically, AT&T customers will soon be able to access deals on Pixel devices without the need for a trade-in. Additionally, the offer is also available with eligible unlimited plans, with one for each person on the account.

The company adds that beginning on May 10, new and existing customers can get the Google Pixel 7a for $2 per month, with no trade-in required. On May 12, new and existing customers can get the Google Pixel 7 Pro 128GB for $10 per month and the Google Pixel 7 128GB for $5 per month, likewise with no trade-ins needed. For AT&T Business subscribers, customers can purchase the Pixel 7a for $0.99 on a two-year service commitment for a limited time. 

AT&T also offers a deal for public safety subscribers with FirstNet – first responder agencies on FirstNet can get the Google Pixel 7a for free for their agency-paid users with a FirstNet Smartphone Unlimited plan. Furthermore, military, veterans, teachers, nurses, physicians, physicians assistants, and their families get 25% off our best unlimited plans, starting from less than $27 per month (per line when you get 4 lines.)

As for the Pixel Fold, AT&T says that the device will be available at a later date in the Summer.

Google Pixel 7a
The Google Pixel 7a features impressive camera performance, Google's smart software features, and access to all the latest Android apps, all in a compact and attractive design.

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