Gmail’s AI will be able to help you write your emails


Gmail started out as an email platform, but over the years, Google has improved upon it by adding features that made users’ lives easier. This included bits of AI where Gmail could detect what you’re trying to say and offer auto-complete suggestions, or quick replies based on the content of the email.

But it looks like Google is about to get a lot more aggressive with its AI push. At I/O today, the company announced that they will be expanding on their AI efforts in Gmail by introducing a new feature called “help me write”. This is pretty much as the name implies and is also essentially an expansion of the Gmail features we mentioned above.

In a demo of the feature (you can check out our video above), Google shows an example of how Gmail can help users craft an email request for a refund from an airline company. How it does this is that it takes previous email exchanges with the airline company to generate a full and proper email asking for the refund.

Users can then make further edits to the email before sending it out. It’s actually pretty cool to see how accurate and realistic sounding this email is and it could be a huge time saver, especially for more mundane day-to-day kind of emails that some people might have to write multiple times in a day.

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