Google Bard’s waitlist is gone and you can now try it for yourself


Microsoft’s move to introduce ChatGPT to Bing earlier this year came as a bit of a surprise, and it was a pleasant surprise as many found it to be very useful and an interesting use of AI. Google quickly followed up by launching Bard, but it did not exactly receive the same level of praise as Microsoft’s efforts did.

Google is trying their hand at it again because during I/O, the company has acknowledged that they have received a lot of feedback since the launch of Bard and will be making some changes. One of those changes includes removing the waitlist for Bard where according to Google, Bard will now be open to users in more than 180 different countries and territories, with more to come.

They have also announced that Bard will be able to support languages other than English, such as Japanese and Korean, and that support for additional languages will also be coming in the future.

In terms of new features, one of the changes that users can expect is that Bard will now be able to serve up images in its responses and prompts. This means that if you’re asking Bard for suggestions on places to visit, it will come with images to help make it easier for users to see what they are asking for. Google will also allow users to use images in their prompts, and will also be using Google Lens to help Bard interpret these images.

In addition to this, Google has announced that they will be further integrating Bard into its various products and services, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Maps, and so on. They will also be working with other companies, such as Adobe, to integrate Bard into third-party apps.

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