Black Friday Deal: Stay powered on the go with UGREEN’s Power Bank 10000mAh


Power banks are a dime a dozen. These are essentially external batteries that help keep your phones juiced up and powered while you’re on the move and don’t have access to a power outlet to charge it up. It’s ideal for heavy users who burn through their phone’s battery quickly while doing high-performance tasks like photo or video editing and playing games.

This doesn’t mean that we should just resort to any old power bank if we’re looking for that extra boost of battery. After all, there are various factors to consider, like power output, safety, design, size, weight, and so on.

If you’re looking for a power bank that can offer and do more than the run-of-the-mill power banks in the market today, then UGREEN’s 20W power bank could be it.


The UGREEN 20W PD power bank measures 5.39 x 3.23 x 1.81 inches and weighs 8.4 ounces, It’s definitely one of the smaller power banks we’ve seen, and it also comes with two ports – USB-C and USB-A, so if you need to charge a device with a USB-C to USB-C cable, or USB-A to Lightning or USB-C, it has you covered.

There is a built-in LED indicator to show how much battery you have left so it’s easy to know when you need to recharge it at a glance.

20W Power Delivery

The problem with a lot of power banks is that they don’t always offer the most power output. Generally speaking, they’re good enough to charge your phone up, but what if you needed faster charging?

That’s where UGREEN comes in, where the company’s 20W PD power bank can offer up to 20W of power. While it definitely isn’t the same compared to a wall outlet and using a dedicated fast charger, it is still faster than the average power bank. The company claims that with 20W of power, it can charge an iPhone from 0% to 60% in just 30 minutes, and up to full in 3.3 hours.

10,000mAh Safe ATL battery

In addition to power output, another factor to consider when choosing a power bank is the battery size. Too small of a battery and you’ll probably only be able to charge your phone maybe once, but UGREEN’s 20W PD power bank comes with a 10,000mAh battery that’s good enough to recharge an iPhone 12 up to 2.5 times.

With other Android phones that come with 4,000 to 5,000mAh batteries, we reckon that you should also be able to squeeze out at least two charges.

Safety is also another concern with these power banks. After all, no one would want a power bank that has the potential to overheat, short circuit, or catch on fire. This is why UGREEN has equipped it with a Safe ATL battery which offers increased stability and lifespan. The company claims that the battery is capable of holding 80% of its capacity even after 500 cycles.

Assuming you use it once every couple of days, you should be able to get a couple of years worth of usage out of it, which isn’t a bad investment at all.

Also, given its battery size, it is within the guidelines most airlines have when it comes to portable batteries that are allowed to be brought on board of a flight.


If a power bank with high power output, a small sleek design, and with support for multiple port types is something you’ve been looking for, then the UGREEN Portable Phone Charger PD 20W could definitely be worth taking a look at.

UGREEN Portable Phone Charger PD 20W - USB C Power Bank 10000mAh
  • Portable Charger with USB-C Power Delivery 20W
  • Universal Capability: UGREEN portable charger with AC outlet contains 10000mAh capacity.

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