WordPress feuds with Twitter over API access


An email went out to WordPress users over the weekend detailing the sudden changes to be made to WordPress and their Twitter integration. WordPress has traditionally used its Jetpack Social system to publish new articles to respective social media platforms, however, users will find this service to be disrupted from the 30th of April onwards. WordPress had sent out an email to WordPress users that the decision has been made to no longer keep the integration with Twitter due to pricing issues and were unable to reach an agreement with Twitter.

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This has probably a lot to do with the upcoming rollout of Twitter using active monetisation options on the platform. While this is a little bit out of touch with the realities of posting on the social platform, and gating content behind subscriptions. It’s no doubt the route that Twitter is looking to go to.

While there is never a bad time to let your users have more control over what content they wish to consume or support their favourite creators. There is a question about how viable a solution that offering becomes when you take the ease of that creation to promotion streamline and make it more arduous. It makes little sense to set up a monetization opportunity for reading articles, but then reduce API access for that article to be promoted. If you can make sense of it, let me know in the comments below.

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