Your Pixel phone will soon be watching out for your ear health


One of the features of the Apple Watch is the ability to let the wearer know when they are in an environment where the sound might be too loud. We don’t really think about it, but long-term exposure to loud sounds can potentially lead to damaged hearing, especially as we get older.

With these types of alerts, it at the very least lets users know that their hearing could be impacted and maybe they should switch environments if possible. That being said, it looks like Google could be bringing a similar feature to their Pixel phones. This is according to a report from 9to5Google where they discovered the potential new feature in an APK teardown.

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According to their findings, it seems that Google is working on a toggle for the Pixel phones called “Loud sound alert”, which has a description that says, “Alert when hearing-damaging loud sound detected”, which basically sounds similar to the feature found on the Apple Watch, except that it will be for the Pixel phones.

In a way this is actually better because not all of us own smartwatches, so having an alert on our phones is a pretty good alternative. The feature isn’t live yet, but if the APK teardown is any indication, it could be launching soon, possibly in the next update.

Source: 9to5Google

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