Curtiss Motorcycles’ “The 1” Packs an Electric Motor and an Otherworldly Design


While electric motorcycles aren’t anything new, although this hasn’t stopped a ton of manufacturers from putting their own spin on how such a machine should look and handle. With that in mind, Luxury bike maker Curtiss Motorcycle Co. recently unveiled its new flagship machine, known as “The 1.” Currently under production, The 1 comes with the company’s Axis-Centered design, as well as a pretty unorthodox look.

Referred to by the company as “The Tesla of Motorcycles,” the bike packs a 217 hp Axial Flux motor, with a specified range of 120 miles for highway trips (or 75 within cities), as well as a modular design. Elements such as the seat height, wheelbase, handlebar, and foot peg are adjustable. The 1’s battery pack also comes with liquid-cooling technology, and rests at the very center of the bike.

Curtiss describes its patented Axis-Centered design framework as “the future of motorcycle architecture,” which gives The 1 an entirely and completely symmetrical construction, and the company says that this provides riders with a balanced, and smooth riding experience, as well as hassle-free controls and handling. Matt Chambers, company CEO states:

“Curtiss is offering motorcycle and EV enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own a piece of the company and join us on our journey as the world’s leading electric motorcycle brand. The electric motorcycle industry is poised for huge growth and we are proud to be leading the charge.

“As the first and only luxury electric motorcycle in the world, The 1 demonstrates how the new age of electrification has forever changed what is possible on two wheels. The 1 turns heads everywhere it rides with its beautiful, harmonious balance and proportion. Its patented, modular proprietary platform architecture will serve as the basis for every future Curtiss motorcycle.”

The 1 features a rather steampunk-inspired design, with visual elements taken from more classic machines such as the company’s earlier bikes. Curtiss also specifies that the bike’s construction incorporates precision-machined aircraft-grade billet aluminum and titanium.

Riders looking forward to getting The 1 for themselves will have to sign up for a waitlist, which will accept reservations for Spring and Summer 2024.

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