Samsung could soon be returning to its Exynos chipsets


Samsung made an interesting choice this year with its Galaxy S23 series of flagship phones, whereby the company opted to go all-in with Qualcomm chipsets instead of doing a mix and match like they have done in the past with their own Exynos chipsets.

This seemed to suggest that Samsung could potentially be giving up on using Exynos for its flagship phones, but it turns out it might have only been a temporary thing. This is because according to reports out of South Korea, Samsung might return to using Exynos chipsets in 2024 for the Galaxy S24 series.

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For those who might be groaning at the idea of seeing Exynos chipsets, especially if you’re in a market that previously only had the Exynos variant available, there might be some good news. It seems that as a result of using Exynos chipsets, Samsung can boost the amount of RAM and storage on the phones, which means better memory management and storage space.

It is expected that the chipset in question could be the Exynos 2400 which will be built on the 4nm process and will feature a 10-core CPU. We’re not sure if Samsung will go all-in with Exynos this time, or if they will simply return to their previous practice and give some markets Exynos chipsets and other markets Qualcomm chipsets, but either way this report should be taken with a grain of salt for now.

Source: SamMobile

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