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Not to be outdone by anyone else, SwitfKey, Microsofts popular Android keyboard has introduced another reason for it to be the keyboard of choice for many users. It has introduced new AI features to its keyboard using Microsoft Bing to add more life to its users browsing and texting habits.

Introduced by Swiftkeys CTO on Twitter they said:

This time when you open up SwiftKey, you will see a Bing button now taking up space on the top side of the keyboard near the first row. When you click it, you’ll be taken to a search option that also includes Bing chat. This is how you’ll access the ChatGPT-style chatbot. This means you’ll have all of the conveniences of an AI chatbot without having to open a single tab. 

Source: Android Central/

A new feature that’s been added which could be super useful is the introduction of the Tone feature. Sometimes, we worry about how our words will reach other people and this Tone tool will help you perfect exactly what you want to say. It does this by taking what you have already written and populating different ways to phrase what you want to say. This is not a unique feature just for SwiftKey but it should be implemented across a bunch of Microsoft services in due time.

There is no announcement as to when it may be released for iOS but Android users can get access to the SwiftKey Beta from the Play Store. But it’s clear that Microsoft will be making a move to compete with the slue of ChatGPT integrations that are appearing on IOS. When you get it for yourself you can let us know how useful it’s been for you, and how you would use it in your day-to-day life. 

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