More layoffs in the tech industry as Spotify announces restructuring

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Businesses have been announcing significant redundancies left and right as an indication that the economy is still struggling. Spotify is the most recent company to reduce its employment; it stated that it intends to do so by about 6%.

In a message posted on the company website, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek states that the company needs to improve its operational efficiency because its current pace has proven to be unrealistic in today’s economic situation. Asserting that he was overzealous in developing too far ahead of their revenue growth, Ek claims he accepts all responsibility for the choices that led us here today. 

As reported by CNBC, Spotify employs close to 10,000 people; therefore, the layoffs would affect roughly 600 people. Ek stated that affected employees will have one-on-one discussions and should anticipate advantages like an estimated five months of redundancy compensation, health care, visa support, and more.

Spotify is now also reorganizing its company in a manner that could make things run more smoothly. Gustav Söderström will now be in charge of the engineering and product work, while Alex Norström will be in charge of the business work. Both of them report to Ek and will assist him in managing the day-to-day operations.

The chief content officer of Spotify, Dawn Ostroff, is also leaving the organization. EK credits Ostroff’s growth of Spotify’s advertising business and leadership of its podcast programming to them.

EK goes on to comment on Spotify’s goals and objectives over the last two years, saying that “in practically every way, we succeeded in achieving our goals for 2022, and Spotify as a whole is still doing well.” “But a new era begins in 2023. “I think we will be in a stronger position going forward because of these difficult choices.” “Nothing really has shifted in Spotify’s dedication to attaining our lofty objectives.”

Ek ends by hinting that the platform will soon see a “constant stream of advancements,” and he says that he will provide more information in the coming days and weeks.

The statement from Spotify comes in the wake of numerous layoffs at well-known corporations including Google, Microsoft, and others. Each of these businesses has disclosed layoffs of at least 10,000 workers, with Amazon’s announcements coming in closer to 20,000.


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