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Google Photos for Chromebooks gain a more robust video editing feature


There are many photo and video editors out there. Some are more robust than others, while some are just too simple to be of any real use, but the upside is that these tools are generally free so they’re fine if you’re not looking to do anything too major.

Now, for Chromebook users who are looking for a free video editor, you might be interested to learn that Google has announced that Google Photos for the Chromebook has been updated where it will now come with a more robust video editing tool. This means that if you want to put together a quick and simple video clip by stitching together various videos and photos, you can.

“With suggested themes, you can make high-quality movies with just a few taps. Select the theme and the people (or pets!) you’d like included and Google Photos will use both video clips and photos to create a custom movie. It even intelligently selects the most meaningful moments from your long videos. For those who like more creative control, Google Photos’ search capabilities make it easy to select, then arrange photos and clips in the order you’d like.”

While the video editor does not look particularly advanced, especially for more professional users who might require more advanced tools, it seems like it is simple and straightforward enough where most users, even novices, should have no issues finding their way around the software.

Source: Google

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