Best Slim Cases for the Pixel 6a!


If you own a Google Pixel 6a, chances are you might be after some way of protecting your smartphone and prolonging its life in this world. The Pixel 6a is definitely one of the best non-flagship Android phones out there, packing a ton of software features from Google, as well as exceptional camera performance.

Google Pixel 6a
The Pixel 6a comes with Google's best software features for Android, as well as a terrific camera array with great performance.

While it does incorporate metal into its chassis, the Pixel 6a is mostly built out of plastic, and its glossy back is a bit prone to scratches and scuffs. With that being said if you’re after a protective but slim case for your phone, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve curated a handful of Google Pixel 6a cases which offer some nice protection, without adding too much bulk and thickness to the smartphone itself. A lot of them are also budget-friendly, which means you won’t have to pay a lot to get some much-needed protection for your Pixel. Check them out below!

Bellroy Leather Case
Fist up we have the Bellroy Leather Case, which wraps around your Pixel 6a with a smooth, nicely-done finish. It's not too thick as well, helping keep the overall profile slim.

Tech21 Evo Check
Up next is the Tech21 Evo Check, which is made from a transparent layer of TPU which remains flexible as well as protective to keep your phone safe.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case
Despite its name, the Spigen Rugged Armor Case is actually slimmer than Spigen's other cases, consisting of a single-layer TPU material that features carbon fiber accents for a distinct look.

Spigen Liquid Air Case
Similar to the Rugged Armor case, the Spigen Liquid Air Case comes with a full TPU design, although it features a textured design all over for better grip overall.

Caseology Nano Pop Case
The Caseology Nano Pop Case is one that's designed with style in mind, with a slick silicone feel and contrasting color accents. It also has a dual layer design for improved protection.

Nillkin Camshield Pro
One of the more unique cases on this list, the Nillkin Camshield Pro comes with a slim profile with the added benefit of a sliding cover for your camera.

Cyrill Color Brick
The Cyrill Color Brick case is a bit similar to the Caseology Nano Pop, especially with the silicone texture and accented camera outline. It does come with textured sides for better handling.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case
The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case combines TPU sides with a transparent back so you can still see the Pixel 6a's design, all while protecting your phone from scuffs and bumps.

Spigen Thinfit Case
One of the more slimmer cases on this list, the Thinfit case has TPU edges for easy installation and removal, as well as a solid polycarbonate back.

Google Pixel 6a Case
Last but not the least on this list is Google's own Pixel 6a case, which features a full camera cut-out and a translucent design that makes for an attractive-looking case.

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