Netflix might be bringing its games to your TV


In a bid to get more people to subscribe to its service, Netflix announced a while back that they would be giving its subscribers free access to a library of mobile game titles that would be developed exclusively for its platform.

Some of these games are themed around existing Netflix IPs, such as Stranger Things, which in theory sounds like the perfect companion and complement to the streaming company’s services, but it didn’t exactly pan out that well, but it looks like Netflix might be coming up with a way to fix that.

According to app developer Steve Moser, he has discovered code in Netflix’s iOS app that suggests that Netflix might be looking to make its games playable on TVs, and that users will be able to use their phones as controllers. Right now, Netflix’s gaming titles are only available on smartphones which limits their reach.

By bringing their games to the TV, it could make it more appealing for users who typically watch Netflix from their TVs and it might encourage these customers to maybe play a game or two while they’re at it. It could also open up the possibility to more types of games, or as Moser suggests, maybe a Netflix cloud gaming service.

Netflix hasn’t confirmed anything yet so it’s probably best to take it with a grain of salt, but what do you say? Would Netflix making their games playable from your TV make you more interested in checking it out?

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