Majority of Netflix’s subscribers aren’t bothering with their video games


Netflix announced last year that they would be getting into mobile games. The idea is to expand on the service’s offerings so instead of just TV shows and movies, subscribers to Netflix could also access a catalog of games that they can play on their phones as well for free.

It seemed like a good idea and interesting strategy, but it appears that it isn’t paying off for Netflix at the moment. Based on the data from Apptopia, it looks like the vast majority of Netflix’s subscribers aren’t engaging with the platform’s mobile game offerings. The report claims that the games offered by Netflix have been downloaded 23.3 million times globally, and that on average, only 1.7 million people are playing these games daily.

Now, 1.7 million seems like a pretty respectable number, right? For other developers, it might be, but considering that Netflix has 221 million subscribers, 1.7 million gamers is essentially less than 1%. To be fair, Netflix is watched on all kinds of platforms, not just phones, which means that there might be some subscribers who primarily subscribe to Netflix on their TVs and might not know or want to bother with mobile games.

An alternative theory is that maybe these games just aren’t that fun or engaging enough to convince Netflix’s subscribers to even bother. Perhaps Netflix just needs that one hit game to turn things around, but for now, it certainly doesn’t look very encouraging.

Source: CNBC

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