More governments are considering implementing a charger standard


As some of you might be aware, the EU has a new law that would basically force electronics companies to adhere to a charger standard. This seems to be mostly targeting Apple who continues to use Lightning instead of USB-C for a good majority of its products.

Now it looks like Canada could be following in the EU’s footsteps, according to a report from CTV News who noticed a detail in the 2023 Federal Budget where it mentions that the government could be considering implementing a standard charging port. According to the report, the idea behind this move is to save money and reduce waste.

To be honest we’re not sure what the point is. With the EU making this a requirement, we expect that companies like Apple will probably swap over to USB-C completely for all markets it operates in, meaning that even countries that don’t have this requirement/law will still get to benefit from it.

It is possible that with this potential requirement from Canada, it would pressure companies to comply and not try to find some kind of loophole that would let them out of it. That being said, this hasn’t been made into law yet and it is unclear if it will, it’s just something that the Canadian government appears to be considering.

Source: Mobile Syrup

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