Samsung Galaxy S24 could get a crazy new refresh rate


These days, we’re seeing more smartphone companies improve on the refresh rates of their displays. Gone are the days where 60Hz was the industry standard. Nowadays we’re looking at phones that have a minimum refresh rate of 90Hz.

With the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, Samsung gave the phones a 120Hz refresh rate, but that could change soon. According to an exclusive report from Sam Lover, they are claiming that for the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung could actually be planning to bump the refresh rate up to 144Hz.

No other details are available and it is unclear if the new refresh rate will only be available for the Ultra version of the Galaxy S24, or if it will be available across the lineup. Typically, companies like to reserve newer hardware features for its higher-end models before eventually bringing it to the entire range in later models, so it is possible that this could be the case, but that’s just our speculation.

In terms of difference, we’re not sure if one can tell the difference between a 120Hz refresh rate or a 144Hz refresh rate, but if it means a smoother scrolling display, we’re all for it. Until we get more information, do take it with a grain of salt for now, especially since we’re still quite a ways off from the Galaxy S24 series launching.

Source: Sam Lover

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