Google’s Pixel Fold just got spotted in the wild


According to the rumors, Google is said to be getting ready to hop on board the foldable bandwagon with a foldable Pixel of their own. To be fair, ever since Google introduced support for foldables in earlier builds of Android, it was speculated that a foldable Pixel could be in development.

While we’re not sure when the phone could launch, it seems that we could be getting close because thanks to a post on Reddit by u/onetaketeo, they took a photo of someone on board a train in New York City using what they claim is the Pixel Fold.

Image credit – u/onetaketeo

Now the photo above makes it hard to tell if this indeed the Pixel Fold because it is quite grainy and small, but what we can tell from the photo is that this is some kind of foldable phone due to the sighting of the hinge. Whether or not it’s Google’s Pixel Fold is unclear, so we’ll try not to get our hopes up just yet.

That being said, while it might be a stretch of the imagination, it does somewhat resemble 3D renders of the phone that we saw earlier this year, so there is a good chance this could be it. Google hasn’t announced when they will be revealing the phone, but seeing as Google recently confirmed that I/O 2023 will be taking place in May, perhaps the handset could be announced then.

Source: Reddit

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