All Google One subscribers now have access to Google’s VPN services


One of the perks of subscribing to Google One (Google’s cloud storage service) is that if you opted for the higher-end tiers with 2TB of cloud storage and more, you would also be given free access to Google’s VPN services.

But what if you didn’t need 2TB of storage? What happens then? Do you need to subscribe to your own VPN? In the past you would have to, but the good news is that it looks like that will no longer be the case as Google has announced that all Google One subscribers will be able to access its VPN services.

“Starting today, and rolling out over the next few weeks, we’re expanding VPN access to all Google One plans, including the Basic plan that starts at $1.99/mo. The VPN will be available in 22 countries across Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices. You can also share the VPN with up to five others if they’re on your Google One plan.”

This is good news for those who don’t see the need to have that much cloud storage but would also like to avoid paying for a separate VPN service. Now that Google is essentially bundling its VPN with all plans, you will be able to save yourself a bit of money.

In addition to giving users free VPN, Google also announced that they will be offering dark web monitoring services for all of its Google One members in the US. This will allow users to use the feature to scan to see if their names, email address, phone numbers, and other personal bits of information could be floating about on the dark web.

Source: Google

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