Brave Search is getting in on the AI action


While Google might be the default search engine for many, there are some who might feel uncomfortable with Google collecting all this data on us and might have turned to other more privacy focused alternatives, such as Brave Search, which was launched a couple of years ago.

Now that ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing have turned the search engine world on its head with its AI implementation, Brave is definitely not looking to be left behind, so much so that they have launched their own AI feature called the Summarizer.

As the name implies, the Summarizer will use AI to help summarize things for users when they search. It might sound similar to Google’s knowledge cards which shows a snippet from a website when you’re searching for something, but in Brave’s case, it will pull the data from multiple sources and then use AI to summarize what it has learnt.

This means that instead of information being pulled from a single source, Brave Search’s Summarizer will use multiple sources, which ensures more in-depth information and also better accuracy, to give users a summary of what they are looking for. It’s actually a pretty interesting feature, so if you are looking to move away from Google, Brave Search is starting to look like a very viable alternative.

Source: Brave

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