The Pixel Watch Costs a Lot Less to Make than its Retail Price, Research Shows


At a price of around 350 dollars, Google’s Pixel Watch isn’t exactly an inexpensive device, costing a bit more than most other wearable devices out on the market right now. With that being said, it’s a bit of a surprise to know that the watch costs less to make, according to a new research published online.

A study from Counterpoint Research shows that the Pixel Watch’s bill of materials (BoM) is estimated to be at just around $123, including several factors such as the materials used, internal hardware, casing, and screen, to name a few. What’s interesting is that the hardware used for processing and memory for the watch takes up the largest percentage of this overall cost, amounting to 26.9 percent.

The device’s primary chipset is Samsung’s Exynos 9110 SoC, which is a somewhat older chip. This works in tandem with a Cortex M33 co-processor, alongside 32 GB of internal storage and 2 GB SDRAM. The research states that since Samsung provides the main chipset as well as the LTE transceiver and other paired components, it collectively accounts for around 20% of the total BoM cost. Additionally, BOE, which supplies the smartwatch’s custom 1.2-inch-diameter OLED display, captures over 14% of the total BoM cost to rank second in terms of cost contribution.

In other Pixel Watch news, Google recently introduced fall detection for the Pixel Watch by way of a software update. The feature will allow the Pixel Watch to know when a user takes a hard fall, allowing the user to immediately contact emergency services, or doing it automatically in case the user is unable to. The watch’s built-in motion sensors and algorithms can monitor sudden impact, including a user’s response and instinctive reactions to falling.

The Pixel Watch was launched in October last year, alongside Google’s Pixel 7 series smartphones.

Source: Counterpoint Research

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