Microsoft’s new AI powered version of Bing could finally pose a challenge to Google


Google is not the only search engine in the world, but it is probably one of the most used. There are several other alternatives, like Microsoft’s Bing, but for the most part the majority of users still largely rely on Google for their search queries, but that could change soon.

This is because Microsoft has officially unveiled a new AI-powered version of Bing that could potentially threaten Google’s dominance when it comes to search. What’s interesting is that this AI-powered search isn’t using ChatGPT, which was one of the previous rumors.

Instead, Microsoft worked with OpenAI for a next-generation model that they claim is more powerful than ChatGPT.

So what makes the new Bing so different from the previous version? Basically it will feature support for natural language. This means that instead of the more common method of searching where you type in keywords, this new version of Bing will allow users to speak to the search engine like you would a person.

The results will also be more conversational in nature, so for example imagine it being similar if you were to visit a travel agent and tell them your plans, and they will then make recommendations based on what you told them.

In addition to applying this new AI model to Bing, Microsoft will also be applying it to its Edge browser where you can ask it to highlight certain parts of a website, make comparisons, and even present the information you’re reading in a table.

It sounds pretty amazing to be honest, and it seems that Google will definitely need to step their game up if they don’t want to be left behind.

Source: Microsoft

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