Motorola’s RIZR Rollable Concept Makes Foldables look like Child’s Play


In a market where we’ve seen Android phones take more unconventional form factors such as foldables (and the LG Wing), it seems like phone engineers and designers might have exhausted all possible designs that current technology allows for. Although we’re not sure that’s still the case, as shown by Motorola with its new concept at MWC.


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Given that it’s a concept device and something that we don’t expect to see on carrier display cases anytime soon, the Motorola RIZR “rollable” phone shows a different take on flexible displays. Instead of a folding display, the device uses a built-in motor that acts somewhat like a treadmill or conveyor belt, allowing the device’s 5-inch display to fully extend to 6.5-inches. The phone also features a transparent case, which means that it will be able to work with protective accessories.

Additionally, users who use the device to take pictures will see that the display that rolls around to the back of the phone shows the viewfinder, so that the subject you’re taking the photo of will be able to see themselves in the shot.

If you’re thinking of picking one up, you might want to hold that thought – there’s no release date for the device just yet, with Motorola clarifying that the “RIZR” branding is just a placeholder for now, and there are no plans at this time to bring back the RIZR name back to the market. The same goes for specifics regarding the hardware, with the device just serving as a proof of concept for now. Of course, only time will tell if Motorola decides to develop this further for consumers and carriers.

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