Google Pushes Through with “RCS” Branding, Drops “Chat” from the Spotlight


A while back, Google announced that it was going “all-in” with RCS, pushing for better and more widespread adoption of the modern messaging platform, even going so far as to publicly call for Apple to adopt the same. With that said, RCS hasn’t been exactly consistent in terms of branding and public recognition, although it looks like things are about to change soon.

For those not in the know, RCS is short for “Rich Communication Services,” which is essentially a more modernized form of messaging compared to basic SMS (and even iMessage), and comes with features that are seen on other messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. With that being said, it looks like Google has finally decided to move away from addressing its RCS messaging features as simple “chat” features, which has occasionally confused users not too familiar with the specific differences that the service offers.

For example, “chat features” in the Google Messages app is now just “RCS Chat,” a small change which Google hopes will give people a better idea and recognition of what RCS is all about. Other changes for example include the “Chat message” hint that has switched over to “RCS message,” and fields now display “RCS chat with (user name)” instead of “Chatting with (user name).”

 The push for widespread adoption of RCS on Android began as early as 2019, when Google first rolled out the feature to select Android devices.

Source: 9to5Google

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