Google Continues Push for Widespread RCS Adoption


Google’s push to upgrade the standard of its default messaging feature in Android has led to several interesting developments in the past few years. Known as “Rich Communication Services,” RCS is a feature that Google is in the process of implementing, designed to give users messaging experiences similar to what one would get on other platforms like iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and more.

With that said, it seems that Google is now saying farewell to the older SMS-centric method of messaging, as detailed in a post on its official blog page.

Several reasons supporting RCS were highlighted in the post, which emphasises advantages such as security, better experiences, as well as is role as an industry standard.

For one, RCS enables end-to-end encryption as opposed to SMS, meaning that messages are encrypted for better privacy and safety. End-to-end encryption will soon roll out for group chats through an open beta program in the coming weeks. Google also says that RCS will allow users to send and receive high-quality photos and videos, view real-time typing indicators and read receipts, name group conversations, add or remove contacts from group chats, and text over Wi-Fi, as well as emoji reactions to messages.

With that said, Google also called for Apple to adopt RCS messaging, as iPhones mostly use older technology for sending and receiving messages. The push for widespread adoption of RCS on Android began as early as 2019, when Google first rolled out the feature to select Android devices.

Source: Google

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