YouTube Testing 1080p Streaming for Mobile


While YouTube is still in the process of preparing to undergo a transition of leadership, it looks like we’re already seeing some small changes regarding the streaming platform’s services. As such, a new and interesting change was recently spotted in the YouTube mobile app, highlighted in a Reddit post online.

A post on the Linus Tech Tips subreddit – subsequently shared by YouTuber @thisistechtoday – shows a screenshot of a “1080p Premium” video resolution option, which comes with enhanced bitrate. It should be noted that this option is separate from the “default” 1080p streaming option. Aside from this, no other details are certain at this time, but it should be interesting to see whether or not YouTube pushes through with the new option.

In other YouTube news, CEO Susan Wojcicki recently announced that she will be stepping down from her role, to focus on personal matters and projects. The YouTube executive spent nine years at the helm of the platform, and will be succeeded by Neal Monhan, who has worked alongside her during her term as CEO and as the company’s Chief Product Officer.

Going back to the YouTube app, there’s no current confirmation on YouTube’s part regarding the 1080p Premium streaming for mobile, although it shouldn’t be too surprising if the feature is officially pushed soon.

Mike Viray
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