Samsung’s next smartwatch could be the stuff of sci-fi dreams


The screens on our smartwatches are kind of small, but they’re designed to look like watches so we suppose it’s only fair. Plus, for the most part, it displays information well enough and isn’t really intended to be looked at for longer periods of time, unlike our smartphones.

This doesn’t mean that things couldn’t be improved upon. According to a patent filed in February 2023 discovered by Wareable, it appears that Samsung has come up with an interesting idea for a future smartwatch design where a projector could be built into the smartwatch itself.

This will allow the watch to project additional data onto the hand of the wearer, thus allowing them to view additional information that might otherwise be a bit too small or too cramped for a smartwatch screen. As you can see in the diagram above, it could be used to display the time as well as the heart rate of the wearer.

We also imagine it could be useful for text messages, maybe even video calls, and especially navigation where the larger projection means that users will have a clearer view of the map and where to go. Unfortunately, there’s no telling if this patent will ever become a reality so don’t hold your breath just yet.

Source: Wareable

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