Watch Nothing’s CEO Carl Pei review his former company’s latest flagship smartphone

Image Source: Android Central

Carl Pei is known to many as being one of the co-founders of OnePlus and for the most part was also the face of the company due to his increased public presence. So it was a bit of a surprise when he decided to leave and form his own company, Nothing, which released its own smartphone, making them essentially a rival to OnePlus.

Now in another surprising move, Pei has decided to upload a video in which he reviews his former company’s latest flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 11. While you might think that this would be a good opportunity for Pei to bash his rivals, he was surprisingly generous with his praise, calling the OnePlus 11 a beautiful phone.

He did have his share of criticisms regarding the phone, such as some small details in its design which revealed some of the cost-cutting measures OnePlus might have taken. He also did not seem to be particularly fond of Oxygen OS as Pei expressed his confusion as to why OnePlus would mess with Color OS when it worked so well.

He did end his review by saying that the OnePlus 11 was a great phone overall, but seemed to lack an identity. Is his review fair? We suppose it is his own opinion, which depending on how you look at it might carry some weight due to him knowing the ins and outs of how OnePlus operates, or it might come across being biased, but either way, if you have a few minutes to spare you can check out his review in the video above.

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