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Some older Arlo cameras will continue to be supported for now


As companies come up with new products, older products eventually start to lose support. This is normal for pretty much all products out there, where after a certain period of time, they will be marked as no longer being supported. In a way it’s fair since we can expect companies to support devices that are 10-20 years old, right?

But Arlo drew a lot of flack when they previously announced their new EOL policy where cameras that are no longer in production would see certain features disabled. It’s easy to see why this angered customers because even if these devices were supported in terms of future updates, crippling its functionality did not make sense.

The good news is that this backlash has led to Arlo changing its mind. The company’s CEO Matthew McRae has since announced that Arlo has reconsidered its new policy and that certain features, like its free 7-day cloud storage for supported models would not be EOL’d. He also announced the extension of EOL for some models like the Pro 2 lineup, which will now reach EOL in 2025 instead of 2024.

He also announced that software support would be extended an additional year for devices like the Arlo Baby, Pro 2, Q, Q+, Lights, and Audio Doorbell. So, if you happen to own any of these devices, it looks like you’ll be able to squeeze a bit more life out of them.

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