The Nokia C12 is a Throwback to a Lost Era of Android


A lot of modern smartphones today come with a ton of changes compared to their predecessors – we now have larger displays, slimmer designs, better cameras, and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, this has also led to the removal of several features such as the headphone jack, microSD card tray, and removable batteries. With that said however, a new phone from Nokia comes with these features, including the removable battery.

To be more specific, Nokia’s new smartphone – the C12 – surprisingly comes with a replaceable battery pack, something that we haven’t seen on Android smartphones in a while. Announced back in January of this year and released just this month, the C12 is a budget handset with modest specs, a plastic build, and a charging brick, as shown in this unboxing video by YouTuber Tumsoma. 

As mentioned, the phone is a bit lacking in the specs department – there’s only 3GB of RAM inside (although Nokia says it includes 2GB of “virtual” RAM), Android 12 “GO” version, and a micro-USB charger, which is a solid commitment to the era of older Android phones. It’s as basic as it gets, but on the other hand it’s aimed at users in developing markets, who are looking to upgrade to their first smartphone. 

Source: Nokiamob

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