Google and Samsung expands their partnership to new “extended reality” devices


One of the advantages Apple has over Android is that they control both the hardware and software. This allows Apple to create a device that runs and behaves the way they want it. This might be something difficult for Android to achieve due to the numerous hardware iterations out there, and with each OEM trying to modify Android to their own needs.

That being said, it seems that Google could be getting some help from Samsung. During an interview with The Washington Post (paywall), Samsung’s president of mobile TM Roh revealed that the company is working with Google on an “extended reality” device that will be running on a special version of Android designed for headsets.

Not much is known about this device right now, but it should be interesting. Both Samsung and Google have attempted to create headsets separately in the past, and neither have been met with much commercial success, so maybe working together might be a better idea if they’re hoping to make it work.

Google and Samsung have managed to develop a pretty close relationship over the past few years, such as their collaboration on Google’s Wear OS platform in which Samsung played a huge role in helping Google overhaul the operating system. It will be interesting to see what kind of “extended reality” device this partnership will produce, so hopefully either company will have more to share in the coming weeks or months, either at MWC 2023 or I/O 2023.

Source: Android Police

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