Jan 26th, 2023

Over the years, we’ve seen many collaborations between smartphone makers and other brands. For example, we’ve seen Samsung partner up with movie studios to produce handsets based around upcoming films. We’ve also seen smartphone makers collaborate to create phones themed around popular Japanese anime/manga.

Now in what appears to be a new and upcoming collaboration, a handset manufacturer could be working with Coca-Cola to produce a Coke-themed smartphone. This is according to tipster Ice Universe who shared an image of the phone on their Twitter account.

At the moment, it is unclear who will be producing the phone, but many of the comments to the post all seem to think that perhaps Realme could be behind the collaboration (they were the ones who made the Naruto themed phone). It’s a bit of a strange collaboration, especially since Coca-Cola doesn’t really need marketing exposure, but it’s not entirely unheard of.

Some of you might recall that back in 2015, there was a Pepsi-themed phone, so why not Coca-Cola too, right? Not much else is known about this handset, if it’s even real to begin with, so take it with a grain of salt, but Coca-Cola has released quite a number of collectibles over the years that many fans have dutifully collected, so maybe a Coca-Cola smartphone could be something that collectors might be interested in.

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