The Samsung Galaxy S23 price rumors are just all over the place right now


Earlier this month, we heard the rumors that Samsung could be increasing the price of the Galaxy S23 series. A subsequent report then suggested that this might not be the case, which essentially conflicted with the previous report, so the question is, which is correct? Will there be a price increase or not?

Turns out both rumors might be right on the money in their own way. According to a tweet by Roland Quandt, it seems that the Galaxy S23 could see a price hike over in Denmark. This basically seems to suggest that for some regions around the world, the Galaxy S23 could see a price increase, while the US market might not be affected.

It should be noted that the earlier rumor about a price increase revealed potential pricing of the phone in Australia, so if anything, this does seem to be in line with the speculation that the US market might be one of the few markets where the Galaxy S23 will not see an increase in its retail price.

As to why this might be the case, we can’t say for sure. It is possible that due to inflation, currency fluctuations, the economic situation in some countries, that Samsung might think it’s prudent to hike the price. Either way, we should have all the official details on the 1st of February, so check back with us then for more details.

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