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If you’re after some budget friendly deals for gaming accessories, then you might want to check out these offers from GameSir, one of the more popular brands when it comes to improving your gaming set-up. The brand has a couple of deals (up to 20% off) on some of its products, which include the GameSir X2 Pro controller, and the G7 Controller for Xbox.

GameSir X2 Pro Controller

First up, we have the GameSir X2 Pro controller, which is primarily designed to work with Xbox Cloud Gaming on smartphones. Given the increased presence of cloud gaming and streaming services on mobile devices, the X2 Pro comes in handy thanks to its portable design which fits on pretty much any smartphone out there, adding a layer of comfort and precision to your gaming sessions.

The controller is designed to be retractable, making it easy to carry around when not in use, and features a full set of controls including  2 sets of thumbsticks, ABXY Buttons, shoulder and trigger buttons, as well as a d-pad. You can even customize the lay-out of the buttons if you want some very specific control settings. There are also 2 additional back buttons which can be re-mapped for convenience.

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GameSir G7 Wired Controller for Xbox

Officially licensed for use with Microsoft Xbox consoles, the GameSir G7 is a wired controller which features a size and layout that should feel very familiar to Xbox fans, with a few added perks. For one, the controller comes with customizable faceplates, which can be easily swapped around as needed.

In addition to the usual array of buttons found on standard Xbox controllers, the G7 also comes with mappable back buttons, which adds a new dimension of ease and precision when playing your favourite Xbox titles. There are also built-in rumble motors, which offer the full controller experience for players.

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