Samsung Galaxy S24 could come with a camera with crazy zoom capabilities


While the Samsung Galaxy S23 has yet to be officially announced, it seems that the rumor mill for the 2024 Galaxy S24 is moving at full speed because more details about the upcoming handset have been revealed, this time about its camera capabilities.

According to a tweet by tipster @RGcloudS, they are claiming that one of the features of the Galaxy S24’s camera is that it could feature some pretty insane zoom capabilities, where one of the cameras could offer 150x zoom. This is a 50% jump from the Galaxy S22 which has a 100x zoom feature called the Space Zoom.

The tweet goes on to claim that the telephoto module that Samsung will be using will have variable zoom capabilities. While some might question the need for such insane zoom on a phone, it does have its uses.

For example, while landscape photos are typically shot with wide angle lenses, sometimes shooting landscape with a zoom lens can create a compressed effect which can look good too. Zoom lenses can also help with portrait photos where for certain types of photos, a tight crop is preferred.

In any case, 2024 is still a very long ways to go and right now we’re more focused on the Galaxy S23 which is currently scheduled for a launch next month.

Source: SamMobile

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